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Tournament Register and Results

Shoot DateTournamentClub NameStateEntrantsActions
4/1/2023Silver State OpenVegas Skeet AssociationNV17
4/5/2023Wednesday Night Registered-doublesWright Patterson Afb Rod/gunOH0
4/8/2023Yellow Shell Open (2 100 Tgt 20ga Events)Red Chute Shotgun Sports ClubLA20
4/14/2023Penny Penwell MemorialGrand Prairie Gun ClubTX63
4/15/2023THE JOHN TERESI 12 GAUGE CHALLENGE (2X100)Stockton Trap & Skeet ClubCA28
4/16/2023Boiled Crawfish Open (2x100 20 Ga)Lafayette Skeet ClubLA0
4/21/2023BANQUET SHOOT (OPEN)Springfield Rod And Gun ClubMO12
4/21/2023ComstockVegas Skeet AssociationNV72
4/21/2023Southwest Classic MiniDallas Gun ClubTX58
4/22/2023Southwest ClassicDallas Gun ClubTX99
4/28/2023Wright Flyers OpenWright Patterson Afb Rod/gunOH0
4/29/2023Spring Tune UpGolden Gun Club IncCO0
4/29/2023Tbmgc The Little OpenToby Bancroft Memorial Gun ClubLA0
5/3/2023Wednesday Night Registered-12gaWright Patterson Afb Rod/gunOH0
5/5/20232023 Cowtown OpenFort Worth Trap & Skeet ClubTX16
5/5/2023Grant Harmon MemorialUnited Sportsmen IncorporatedCA0
5/6/2023Club Championship 12ga/doublesNorthbrook Sports ClubIL13
5/7/2023First Ever Internet Skeet OpenTssc Shotgun SportsCO1
5/12/2023The RockBlue Rock Sportsman Club IncAR0
5/20/2023Battle BornVegas Skeet AssociationNV0
5/20/2023Bvgc 20 Gauge Marathon (2x100 20ga)Bridgeview Gun ClubLA0
5/26/20232023 GoslingGreater Houston Sports ClubTX73
5/26/2023Tbmgc Fair WeatherToby Bancroft Memorial Gun ClubLA0
5/27/2023Briley Blue GooseGreater Houston Sports ClubTX99
6/1/20232023 Paxton Arms Texas State Skeet ChampionshipsGreater Houston Sports ClubTX104
6/1/2023Texas State Referee ChampionshipGreater Houston Sports ClubTX0
6/2/2023Northbrook Great WesternNorthbrook Sports ClubIL13
6/2/2023Percy Betts OpenUnited Sportsmen IncorporatedCA0
6/7/2023Wednesday Night Registered-20gaWright Patterson Afb Rod/gunOH0
6/9/2023BOB MITCHELL MEMORIAL PEANUT OPENSpringfield Rod And Gun ClubMO4
6/9/2023The Grand Prairie TournamentDowners Grove Sportsmens ClubIL2
6/10/2023June 50'sVegas Skeet AssociationNV0
6/16/20239th Annual Elite Shotguns ClassicShenecoy SportsmenPA99
6/16/2023Midwest Skeet ClassicWorld Shooting & Recreational ComplexIL3
6/17/2023June Bug (2 100 Tgt 28 Ga Events)Red Chute Shotgun Sports ClubLA0
6/25/2023Clays Of SummerGolden Gun Club IncCO0
7/1/2023Independence Open (2 100 Tgt .410 Events)Red Chute Shotgun Sports ClubLA0
7/7/2023Arkansas OpenBlue Rock Sportsman Club IncAR0
7/14/20232023 Buckle Race Leg #3 Friday 28gaGreater Houston Sports ClubTX5
7/14/2023Stockton ClassicStockton Trap & Skeet ClubCA71
7/15/20232023 Buckle Race Leg #3 12ga LiteGreater Houston Sports ClubTX2
7/15/20232023 Buckle Race Leg #3 Saturday 28gaGreater Houston Sports ClubTX6
7/28/2023The Buckeye ChallengeWright Patterson Afb Rod/gunOH0
8/2/2023Wednesday Night Registered-28gaWright Patterson Afb Rod/gunOH0
8/3/2023Northbrook Skeet ClassicNorthbrook Sports ClubIL91
8/4/2023Mt Diablo OpenUnited Sportsmen IncorporatedCA0
8/5/2023Red Hot Open (20 Ga & .410)Red Chute Shotgun Sports ClubLA0
8/11/2023Zone 3 Skeet ChampionshipWright Patterson Afb Rod/gunOH0
8/18/20232023 Buckle Race Leg #4 Friday 12gaGreater Houston Sports ClubTX1
8/18/2023Nevada State Championship ElkoVegas Skeet AssociationNV0
8/19/20232023 Buckle Race Leg #4 12ga LiteGreater Houston Sports ClubTX3
8/19/20232023 Buckle Race Leg #4 Saturday 12gaGreater Houston Sports ClubTX5
8/25/2023California State ChampionshipStockton Trap & Skeet ClubCA0
8/25/2023Missouri State Skeet Championship (open)August A. Busch Shooting Range And Outdoor EducatiMO0
8/25/2023Pan American MiniDallas Gun ClubTX12
8/26/2023Baton Rouge Open (100 28ga & 100 .410bo)Bridgeview Gun ClubLA0
8/26/2023Pan AmericanDallas Gun ClubTX16
9/2/2023Rcssc Champ & Open (2 100 Tgt 12 Ga Events)Red Chute Shotgun Sports ClubLA0
9/6/2023Wednesday Night Registered-.410boWright Patterson Afb Rod/gunOH0
9/8/20232023 Tristar ClassicMontgomery County Shooting Complex LlcTN33
9/8/2023HUNTER’S OPENSpringfield Rod And Gun ClubMO0
9/9/2023Got DoublesStockton Trap & Skeet ClubCA0
9/14/2023NighthawkVegas Skeet AssociationNV0
9/15/2023Grand Prairie World Warm-Up MiniGrand Prairie Gun ClubTX9
9/15/2023Louisiana State Skeet ChampionshipsLafayette Skeet ClubLA0
9/16/2023Grand Prairie World Warm-UpGrand Prairie Gun ClubTX9
9/22/2023The Fall TournamentDowners Grove Sportsmens ClubIL1
10/14/2023Sin City OpenVegas Skeet AssociationNV0
10/20/2023Norcal ChampionshipsStockton Trap & Skeet ClubCA0
10/21/2023Airbase OpenWright Patterson Afb Rod/gunOH0
10/21/2023Poule D'eau Open I (2x100 28ga)Lafayette Skeet ClubLA0
10/22/2023Poule D'eau Open Ii (2x100 410)Lafayette Skeet ClubLA0
11/3/20232023 Buckle Race Leg #5 Friday 20gaGreater Houston Sports ClubTX1
11/4/20232023 Buckle Race Leg #5 12ga LiteGreater Houston Sports ClubTX3
11/4/20232023 Buckle Race Leg #5 Saturday 20gaGreater Houston Sports ClubTX5
11/10/2023Best of TexasGreater Houston Sports ClubTX20
11/10/2023Vegas Skeet Club ChampionshipVegas Skeet AssociationNV0
12/1/20232023 Buckle Race FINALS Friday 28gaGreater Houston Sports ClubTX1
12/2/20232023 Buckle Race FINALS 12ga LiteGreater Houston Sports ClubTX8
12/2/20232023 Buckle Race FINALS Saturday 28gaGreater Houston Sports ClubTX5
12/9/2023Cowboy Up OpenVegas Skeet AssociationNV0